The bibliography of Andrzej Mostowski has more than 100 entries. “Foundational Studies : Selected Works” published in 1979 by the Polish Scientific Publishers is a thorough representation of Andrzej Mostowski's mathematical contributions and contains as well some biographical articles. Here is a list of other resources:

  1. A number of articles in Wiadomości Matematyczne 22 (1979) written in Polish. This issue is not avaliable on-line but one can read on-line a translation of the article by S. Krajewski and M. Srebrny "On the life and work of Andrzej Mostowski"
  2. A book "Andrzej Mostowski and Foundational Studies" published in 2008 by IOS Press. The webpage of the publisher contains table of contents of the book.
  3. Photos from variety of sources, including the private collection of the Mostowski family, the private collection of Miro Benda and the University Archive.